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Never where you want them!

Discussion in 'Wildlife Corner' started by silu, Aug 3, 2018.

  1. silu

    silu gardening easy...hmmm

    Oct 20, 2010
    As I have mentioned a few times on GC, I have an area of land which I am trying (hard!) to put back to a bit of field after having had commercial kennels, concrete paths, you name it on it.
    We are very close after 2 years of blood sweat and tears to having the area good enough to be sown with grass. I intend to do this at the end of this month.
    Currently the area which is about 1/4 acre is supporting a very healthy crop of weeds. These will be dealt with just before sowing the grass.
    Today I noticed the magnificent crop of Groundel is just about to set seed:yikes: so thought I'd hand weed the copious amounts before they shed loads of seed. The weeds are smothered with Lady Birds:scratch:. Can't see any green fly or other insects for that matter for the lady Birds to feed on. Why the hell are they there? Not a sign of any in the garden...typical:rolleyespink:.
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