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Discussion in 'Members Hobbies' started by Doghouse Riley, Feb 2, 2018.

  1. Doghouse Riley

    Doghouse Riley Head Gardener

    Sep 1, 2009
    "Pleasantly unemployed."
    South Manchester
    I've always been into projects. Our younger son followed me but chose a different path.

    This was his.

    As it came. Complete with a few dents and with some louvered windows, which would have made it uninsurable.


    After a lot of time, effort and I bet cash,




    He imported it from Utah, (no rust, dry State) and with a bit of help, he completely restored it. His partner made the curtains on her sewing machine. This was about ten years ago. Since then they've been all over Europe in it. Even Switzerland.

    It's a 1967 "Splitty."

    It had reclining seats when he bought it, which he took out, reinstated the bulkheads, found some original seats and had them reupholstered. The only up-date was memory foam cushions, leather upholstery and a new stereo radio. Mind you, there's a shop near me that restores original valve car radios.

    Some take these restorations a bit further. They met another couple in a motorway service station when they pulled in, after it went flying past them a few minutes earlier.
    It had lowered suspension, wide wheels with low profile tyres, disc brakes and a Porsche engine.
    Very nice but I wouldn't want to be in any campervan in a crash, with just a thin sheet of metal between your knees and anything you run into.

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