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Rosa Rosette Disease

Discussion in 'Roses' started by Mike Allen, Mar 15, 2018.

  1. Mike Allen

    Mike Allen Super Gardener

    Jan 4, 2014
    Having seen that many members are keen rose lovers, I thought it an idea to raise this subject. Please don't panic. I have been reading info from across the pond and it appears that a disease affectin mainly roses grown in the northern states of the USA.
    The disease is spread by a tiny mite, that travels very much on the wind. It can't fly. To save myself from typing pages etc, might I invite you all to make use of the internet to learn more about this disease.

    As far as I know, here in the UK. DEFRA haven't made this a reportable plant disease. However despite the problem being around dare I say my lifetime, up and til now we Brits have been in the dark.

    The more you read the more you learn.

    Thinking along the lines of climate change and taking note of recent weather conditions. Winds from across the world have capacity to transports so much to our shores.

    Please do your research on line. Check your roses and if in doubt notify DEFRA>
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    • Gail_68

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