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Tomatoes, cucumbers and strawberries in Acqua Lock hanging baskets

Discussion in 'Edible Gardening' started by Aldo, May 16, 2018.

  1. Aldo

    Aldo Gardener

    Nov 25, 2017
    Apologies if this should go into Containers Gardening rather than Edible Gardening. Please feel free to move as appropriate if this is the wrong section.

    Space in the garden is limited, so, having found a reasonable deal on Acqua Lock self-watering baskets, I purchased a few 16 inches ones:
    Aqua Lock Hanging Basket Twin Pack - Hanging Gardening and Patio

    I was wondering if somebody has any advice about the best lining to keep moisture in, and plants healthy?
    I was planning to cover the top with horticultural membrane, cutting slits for the plants in it, and perhaps putting a pot or small bottle inside as a water reservoir as some show on videos. The soil I have is good, not sure if I should also add vermiculite, clay or else (not too keen on purchasing more things, but if it helps..)

    Also, how many plants would be reasonable to plant?
    I was thinking about bush tomatoes and day neutral strawberries, which are explicitly retailed for baskets and containers
    Tomato Hundreds & Thousands (6) at Suttons Seeds
    Strawberry Collection (18) at Suttons Seeds

    I have already six of those Hundreds and Thousands tomatoes from Suttons Seeds, and they (Suttons' staff I mean, not the tomatoes) advised me that, with that basket size, three plants would be feasible.
    I was a bit surprised, as that sounds like a lot?

    Also, I am waiting for some cucumbers:
    Cucumber Grafted Mini Star (3) at Suttons Seeds

    Initially I thought of trying with one tomato and one cucumber plant in a single basket, but I was told here on the forum that cucumbers are delicate plants which do not take well to changes in temperature and humidity, so perhaps I should plant them somewhere else..

    Thanks for any advice!

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