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In This Album

  1. Spruce
    Sugar cookie looks realy nice

    Glad we have another one of us on here we are slowly taking over I have a few photos of mine on here and Simbad has loads

  2. simbad
  3. Lililoon
    aha - im going to have a nosey now then !!! all my pictures are down to mum - dont see a lot of her when the flowering season starts :heehee:
  4. simbad
    I can usually be found in summer roaming round the garden early in a morning camera in hand :heehee:, have to watch out for the paper boy though walked back round the corner one day singing away to myself, looking pretty rough hair unbrushed, scared the poor lad half to death :heehee:
  5. Lililoon
    That comment just backs up my theory on the strange effect that daylilies have on us !!! Im lucky in that I have no neighbours to speak of to frighten - although the postman might get a shock one day if he is unlucky :heehee: